Welcome to another thrilling article that is based on earning money online! As usual we will have a look at a money making site that you probably have not come across. We will discuss about everything that there is to know about the platform. And then it is up to you to decide whether, or not, you will be dedicating your time in the affairs of the platform.

Woo wee funds Reviews Is it Legit or Scam 

We are going to talk about woo wee funds the trending south African platform. How does woo funds work and many more 

In this article, the article we will be having a look at, is known as Woowee.co.za

Have you ever come across this site? Even if you have, make sure you read to the end!

What is woowee.co.za WOOWEE FUNDS!


Woowee.co.za, also known as Woowee Funds is an online platform that gives online tasks to its users. After completing these tasks, you will be rewarded with certain amount of points and with these points you can convert it to cash, and then withdraw it.

The best part about this site is that the site claims you can choose to earn lot of revenue from them without having to deposit a dime! The more online tasks completed, the more points and more you will earn.

It is completely free to create an account and earn points, everyday you will be given sixty Tasks to complete and earn three hundred points. And to those who enjoy the services and would like to participate more, they can upgrade their account willingly and they will be given eight hundred and seventy five(875) to three thousand five hundred(3500) tasks and be able to earn ten points from each task. However, members who want to stick to the free service they offer, can do so.

How to make money on woowee.co.za 

Just like many online money making platforms, there are two ways you can make money on woowee funds. These two ways include; Inviting/referring new members Or performing tasks.

I love the fact that you can do both without stress. Infact, making money on this site should be considered as a lucrative business. LOL!



How to invite or refers members on woowee.co.za referral program?

On the woowee funds platform, you will earn five points for referring a new member to join. Note that you can always convert the five points to cash anytime you feel like. There is also no limit on the amount of members you invite/refer. Therefore you can invite for as long as you want. It will always earn you cash!

Wondering how you can refer someone?! It is very easy.

Simply log on to your woowee account. As soon as yoy successfully login, you will be shown your referall link. ‘Tap and hold’ to copy it. Then share it to whoever you wish to invite.

Tell whoever you wish to invite that they must register using your referral link, otherwise you won’t get the bonus points.


woowee.co.za packages levels plans

If your main objective on woowee is to carry out tasks, then you should know that there are different packages. There is the free package, and there are paid packages. These packages are referred to as ‘membership accounts.’

Here is why I love this platform; if you are on a free membership account, you can participate with peace of mind and the minimum withdrawal is the same for paid and free members, the difference is that members who are on paid membership they get 3500 Tasks once off and they earn 10 Points for every task they complete, also the referral commission is 10 points every day, while free members get 5 Points daily for each referral.

In simple words, everybody gets paid! Whether you are a free member or a member. Only thing is that paid members earn more.


When was woowee.co.za launched

I recently came across this site, and ever since then I have been making research and enquiries concerning the site date and year of launch. So far so good, I have gotten no answers!

There is no knowledge about when the platform came into existence. This makes my trust for the site to drop down a bit.

Although according to the data we collected the domain name was Registered on 14th of May 2021 which mark the platform less than 15 days old at the day of writing this reviews. Woowee funds was founded in 2021 fifth month 

Domain Information
Registered On:
Expires On:
Updated On:


How much can I make with woowee.co.za

Woowee funds have made it known that as a free member you can only earn five points a day, but if you are a paid member you will earn more. Let’s not forget the part where you can earn lots from inviting new members.

In my opinion, this site has no limits on how you can earn. Just keep performing tasks, inviting members, and cashing out till you get tired!

Who is the owner or CEO of woowee.co.za investment

The Woowee funds platform went through a lot to shed light on what their platform is and is all about, however, they forgot to talk about who founded their platform! Or could it be that they actually didn’t forget? Perhaps, they choose not to reveal the founder.

There is no knowledge of who owns the woowee site. There is also no knowledge about any about the developers or workers of the site. It is all a mystery.

Is woowee.co.za Legit or a scam?


Is woowee funds Legit or scam 

Based on the fact that this site has made it known that you can actually earn without paying a dime, I would say the plattorm ‘might’ actually be legit. But let’s not jump into conclusions yet.

The site however has some loop holes such as why they choose to keep their CEO a secret.

You can choose to give the site a try though. Minimum withdrawal is five points and you can easily make five points in a day. Try and see if you’ll get paidm

Registration woowee.co.za

If you want to register on this site, just click HERE.

As usual, you will be asked for a username, password, and your email address.

Provide all that was asked, and then click register.

Login woowee.co.za woowee funds

Click below 


How to withdraw on woowee.co.za woowee funds

Whenever you feel the urge to withdraw your earnings, just log on to your account, click on ‘access my dashboard,’ then click on your balance.

From there you would fill in your bank details and then patiently wait for your payments!

That is a wrap. I hope you readers found this article educative. Do well to like, share, and drop your comments in the comment box below. Thanks.

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